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Best Homemade Deodorant for Sensitive Skin that Actually Works

I have a put a few recipes of homemade DIY deodorant to test and only found one that actually work

We chose the solid form that is most similar to the commercial deodorant


Enough to fit one deodorant contain that is approximately 2.65oz or 75g


- 1 tablespoon of beeswax

- 2 tablespoon of coconut oil

- 1.5 tablespoon of 100% bentonite clay

- 10 drops of your favourite essential oil including lavender, lemon vanilla, sandalwood, etc


- 1 spoon

- 1 small container


- on a very low heat, heat up the metal container

- at the same time melt the beeswax and coconut oil

- when it is completely resolved, put in the bentonite clay powder, mix well for a few mins

- take it off the heat, then add your essential oil

- then carefully put it in your deodorant container, then let cool for at least 30 mins before testing it out.

Other side note:

- We tested out recipes that includes baking soda and arrowroot that are most recommended in many DIY recipes but it does cause some itchiness. So it is not recommended for sensitive skin, but people with normal skin that is less likely to react to these ingredients can replace the recipe in the above with these ingredients instead with the same ratio.

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